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When I sit down with a new book, I can hardly contain the excitement. I long to
have hours upon hours of uninterrupted time to dig in and read something enthralling.
These days, I seem to be reading in five categories: Faith & Creativity, Poetry, Church Culture, Personal Growth and Children & Young Adult. Here are my current top recommendations:

Faith & Creativity

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Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty For Our Common Life by Makoto Fujimura

This is a hopeful book written by Makoto expressing his deep desire to nurture generative, life-giving cultures in our local communities. His understanding of the artist soul is spot on. I especially resonated with the chapter “Leadership From the Margins”. I find this entire book to be promising for communities looking to God for creative healing and restoration .


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A Permeable Life: Poems & Essays by Carrie Newcomer

I picked this treasure up at my local used book store. This is a thin, delightful read of poetry and essays. Carrie is a singer/songwriter who studied under Parker Palmer. If you are looking for a soulful, genuine and fun read, pick this one up!

Church Culture

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For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts; A Compilation of Authors including Eugene Peterson and Lauren Winner

This book answers imperative questions for the local church in regards to the arts. A few Chapter titles are: “The Worship: How Can Art Serve the Corporate Worship of the Church?; The Pastor: How Artists Shape Pastoral Identity; and The Artist: What Exactly Is An Artist and How Do We Shepherd Them?” Each Chapter is written by a different author from a wide range of denominational backgrounds. I found this book to be incredibly challenging and helpful. A wonderful read if your church is looking to explore arts further.

Personal Growth


Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

This book. is. just. WOW! I started this book in January 2017 and continue to read snippets at a time. It is deep, soulful and life-changing. Estés takes myths, stories and fairy tales and dissects each to explore the symbolism and hidden meaning for our lives. This book is full of empowerment for women; I cannot stop gushing about it.

Children & Young Adult

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Loser by Jerry Spinelli

Recently, I read this book with my nine-year old. We immediately fell in love with silly Zinkoff, the main character. We watched him grow from kindergartner to middle-schooler never catching a break. He is an endearing character with a solid, loving family. For anyone who has ever felt a misfit, this is a good one to read with a surprising ending.

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