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Let me tell you something very honest about myself.

I’ve been that person in groups talking about God.
I’ve read lots of books about theology.
I’ve taken in ridiculous amounts of knowledge about Jesus.
I’ve learned how to discuss my belief.
I’ve served publicly with a smile on my face.
And yet, often, after it was all over,
I’d go back into my ordinary, everyday, private life
struggling to live this holy love out.

Let’s be clear.
I have a deep love for Jesus.
I mean, Jesus is just cool.
There is nothing boring about Him.
He’s not soft and flimsy.
He challenges the status quo.
He welcomes the least of these.
He upholds women.
He’s generous to children.
He’s a fantastic storyteller.
His stories are subversive.
He puts himself last time and time again.
I mean, this is a guy whose kingdom is totally upside down.
That being said…
I love his way, his example and simply want to follow Him.

However, let’s go back to the struggle.
As much exterior information as I was putting in my head
about Jesus, there was a disconnect for me
between my brain, my heart and my actions
in the hidden places of my life.

And, the thing is, I see the same struggle for others.
It’s as if, people take in information about Jesus,
but then there’s this gap to actually live out
what they’ve heard about…

Love of Self.
Love of Neighbor.

I know our faith life is more a slow stroll and less of a quick sprint, but
I can’t help but be enamored by this question:
“How is the good news of Jesus forming us as 

Spouses? Parents? Friends? Children? Co-Workers? Volunteers? Citizens?”

Because, truly, it’s in the small words and mild actions of
everyday living that actually matter,
not in the big sweeping mountaintop experience
we encounter once or twice in our life.

And, if all we do is hear and talk about Jesus, but our way of being and seeing
remains the same through our standard days, something is off kilter.

Jesus, afterall, consistently invites growth and expansion.

So, what do we do?

Later in the week, I’ll share with you what happened to help me
begin to answer this question for myself. Stay tuned…