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Just ask my close friends, they’ll tell you of my wrestling match with Mary and Martha. I have a bit of irritation with both of these holy ladies and I couldn’t resist diving in to dwell upon the truth they have to teach me (us)! So, here’s a poetry offering and a fun piece of flippable artwork in the style of icon art… ready to flip depending on who you resonate with for the day. Selling this as a 5×7 print for $10 over here!

martha mary

Oh Mary,
how I resist you —
your negation of physical labor,
your Godly devotion beyond human approval,
your “teacher’s favorite” status
by simply being humble you
*oh sigh*

Oh Mary,
how I love you —
your stillness amid chaos,
your posture of listening,
your ability to sit and gain wisdom
at the feet of Jesus
*oh my!*

martha mary 2

Oh Martha,
how I resist you —
your distracted glance at party preparations,
your finger-pointing at little sis’ seat,
your anxiety and irritation
over first-world problems
*oh sigh*

Oh Martha,
how I love you —
your welcoming hospitality,
your persistence to serve,
your faithful desire to “get it right”
for the entrance of Jesus
*oh my!*

Oh Mary! Oh Martha!
how your lives resonate with mine.
Teach me the rhythm of
action and contemplation —
a time to sit,
a time to serve.
Show me how to live
amid the tug-of-war
of “do” and “be.”
Guide me to receive
Jesus with open arms.
He, the divine, who comes
my way daily, giddy
to spend time with me.

Soul Reads Update: I’ve recently changed my page Soul Reads to include five recent reads in the categories of Faith and Art, Poetry, Church Culture, Personal Growth and Children & Youth. Under each category is the title, author and and a short description of each book. If you are interested, check it out here!