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Light, space, zest—
    that’s God!
So, with him on my side I’m fearless,
    afraid of no one and nothing.

Psalm 27:1 MSG

inhale (Yah)
exhale (weh)
Do you feel it?
Your lungs fill with air
with space, the very breath
of God inside you.
Who was it who
tried to squeeze
the air from you,
box you in with
ropes, and fear?
Or — have you done it to yourself?

1. not worth taking up space
2. lowers voice to a whisper
3. vantage point, silent

Slowly, you’ve shrunk
into a wee size box,
folded in all elbows and legs
tangled, flattened,
unable to recall
who you even are.

Do you hear it?
Snip, snap —
snarled cords release,
tape unhinges,
box lid flings open —
you are free to go
into the vast stretch
of the unknown

Yes! Expansive freedom
is the name of Christ — and,
who are you to doubt
this abundant love?
Here God is —
opposite of narrow —
never boxed in,
present in every situation

Yes! God is space —
the One who swings
gates with ease to
celebrate, to invite
to embrace, and 
You —
with your God breath
only need say,
“Yes”, cross the threshold
into the spacious beyond
Christ calls you
to enter.

Are you scared?
Don’t be.
God is with you.

inhale (Yah)
exhale (Weh)

To read more about Yahweh (in Hebrew, YHVH) as the source of breath, Richard Rohr has a wonderful short meditation here.