Wander LustToday, I’m thrilled to be featured as the guest post on author, Christine Valters-Paintner’s, site abbeyofthearts.com. Abbey of the Arts is a global online monastery offering resources for contemplative 
practice and creative expression. Each week, Christine features someone from around the globe to answer the question, “How Am I A Monk in the World?” In other words, how am I committing to a life of contemplation, compassion and creativity? Here is my response:

I’m not sure when it began. Possibly winning third place in a community-wide art contest for the local Fire Hall in fourth grade. Or, maybe when friends and family would “ooh” and “aah” over recently created artwork. However, early on, I believed myself an artist. This label both delighted and concerned me. On my best days, time suspended as I created in the moment and on my worst days, I compared my art to others, insecurities running rampant.

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