“Travel Light” Jar

Surrender. A word defined as “to give up or hand over”. Not always the easiest thing to do when we are talking about surrendering to Christ. Yet, doesn’t surrendering release us from all that we carry? Surrender reminds us there is one greater than us who has our back. Surrender calls us to remember whose we are.


Here’s a simple hands-on idea* to give over your concerns, worries, baggage, etc.
Get a mason jar and some Popsicle sticks. Decorate your mason jar with whatever word reminds you to surrender. I chose “here” after listening to Rob Bell’s podcast, Episode 17. When you find yourself thinking, mulling or talking about the same thing over and over, write it on a Popsicle stick and throw it in your jar. My plan is to take the Popsicle sticks and burn them when I have a bunch. What will you do with yours?

* This idea inspired by my cousiend (cousin-friend), Laura.

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