Soul Kindling Examen

We all have a divine “spark” within us. We are invited to join with Christ to share this spark to others in our world. Consider carving out a time this week to reflect on these questions to discern where your natural “kindling” lies:

• What is something in your life that brings you energy, excites you or that you look forward to engage in? How often do you make time for this?

• What is something in your life that drains energy from you? How often do you participate with this situation/job/person? Reflect on how you may be able to add boundaries or begin to add a daily practice (walking, centering prayer, yoga) that nourishes you.

• Where do your natural gifts and talents lie? Telling stories, Encouraging others, Teaching, Creative endeavors, Administrative detail, working with numbers, working with your hands… Do you have a space in your life where you actively engage your gifts and talents?

• If you enjoy being with people, what about being with people do you love? Caretaking, listening, brewing up new ideas, working in a team, being one-on-one…
Do you have a space where you regularly spend time with others?

• If you enjoy being alone, what helps to rekindle your soul? Silence, writing, running, reading, prayer, etc. Do you make regular time for this practice?

• Who do you spend time with that you share soulful (not surface-level) conversation? Who do you spend time with that encourages/breathes life into you? Who do you spend time with who shares your passion? Consider reaching out to someone new to spark a fresh, life-giving relationship.

• Do you have a community of people that aid you in your faith walk? This may be church, a small group, or some friends who just like to ponder about where God is in the world. Reflect on what appeals and/or resists you to this type of community. How may this type of community help you to be a “soul kindler”?

• What cause(s) pull at your heartstrings? Is there a way you can join with this cause to serve the kingdom of God?

These questions pair with the “Soul Kindling” blog, found here.