Open-Ended Questions

If you are an introvert, like me, you may not love going into a group of people and attempting to make conversation. Learning some open-ended questions has been a lifesaver in my own life. Open-ended questions are those that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. They invite a person into telling a more personal account of their own tale. Most people are happy to tell you a story about themselves, so, with the right questions, an engaging interaction is only one question away!

• Tell me about where you grew up. What did you enjoy about living there?
• What’s been the highlight of your day so far?
• How did you meet your spouse/friend?
• Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?
• What do you enjoy about living in our town/city?
• Do you have an activity/hobby you enjoy?
• Who has been an influential person in your life?
• Tell me about a memorable Christmas/holiday.
• Where have been some of your favorite places to travel?
• What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
• Do you have any family traditions you love?
• Are you a morning person or night person?
• What in your life gives you energy and zest?

30 awesome questions to ask your kids instead of “How was your day?” over here.

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