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Welcome friend! I’m glad you’re here.

Maybe you’re like me… somewhere along the way you found yourself busy with the things of faith, but not filled by God. Maybe you were trying to follow a prescribed “way” to go about connecting with God – daily devotion, Bible reading and Sunday church – but something felt dry. When I reached this place, I was spent. A friend said, “Ally, why don’t you let your art be your prayer?” This was an aha! moment for me. This moment gave me permission to be the person God created me to be… an artist, a writer, a creator.

As I followed my natural tendencies, a new path unfolded. I was set aflame at the intersection of creativity and faith. I began to play with words, watercolors and mixed media while listening for the Spirit. Over time, I’ve become less entranced by the end product and am learning to be present to the process. Returning regularly to the process slows me down. Slowing down helps me notice details.

These days, I continue to discover playful, restful and kinesthetic ways to engage with the Spirit of God in my life. My site is a place to share some of my gleanings: poetry, art, soul reads and contemplative resources.

I’m on a quest to unwrap the sacred in the ordinary.
I’d love for you to join me.